Warehouse Conveyor Solutions

Third-Party Logistics Conveyor Solutions

The growth of e-commerce has resulted in huge growth in the third-party logistics (3PL) industry. It has also put pressure on e-tailers to find the right 3PL providers, ones that pick up, store, pack and ship packages quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. FMH Conveyors helps these 3PL companies improve their operations so they provide optimal service to their customers. We do this by offering a range of logistics conveyors, so 3PLs can find the right conveyor for their specific loading/unloading or lite sortation needs and environments.

Our logistics conveyor solutions provide scalable and customized solutions to help meet delivery service requirements for products and materials. We design and deliver the best distribution center conveyor solutions for every warehouse, providing an optimal solution for each truck loading/unloading and manual sortation application.

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Increased Efficiency in Shipping and Receiving

3PLs take on many roles that their customers once performed. In addition to receiving and shipping, they often pick and pack products, and store and replenish inventory. Some 3PLs even do light assembly and manufacturing. And they do all this in a constantly changing environment — new SKUs, special orders, peak seasonal demands, etc.

To make their work more efficient, 3PLs require flexible or configurable rollers and conveyors for warehouses that move products efficiently in, within and out of the finite warehouse space. Depending on the processes and product flows, FMH Conveyors works with each customer to optimize operations while:

  • Maximizing storage space
  • Improving product flow
  • Increasing throughput speed
  • Achieving high load capacity
  • Protecting workers from harm
  • Reducing time spent moving products
  • Preventing damage to goods in movement
  • Positioning goods for manual sorting
  • Decreasing the number of workers required

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