FMH Conveyors manufactures conveying equipment that makes truck loading and unloading more efficient. Our customers in multiple industries value our equipment for its ability to optimize their supply chains, integrate automation and increase their operating productivity. 

Solutions for Diverse Markets

FMH Conveyors helps businesses in a wide range of industries improve their operational efficiencies. If you don’t see your industry listed above, contact us anyway; chances are, we can help you!

Our products are commonly used in the following applications:

  • Truck Loading and Unloading. Our conveyor solutions are designed to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and avoid potential safety risks. We have the right products to address specific needs, including the need to move time-sensitive packages and fragile products with care.
  • Process and Production. Our conveyors offer benefits to process and production lines by helping move packages through taping and closing machines, scanners, weigh stations, working stations and everything in between.
  • Manual Sortation. Conveying options that maximize throughput and are configurable to meet changing needs allow product placement to be determined by the knowledge and speed of the operator.
  • Dockless Receiving. FMH Conveyors’ products accommodate the needs of retail stores with or without receiving docks. Our solution consists of a swing stick, 10-foot extension sticks inside the trailer, and a flexible conveyor that transports products directly from the trailer to the storage room. We also have a solution to overcome elevation changes in different delivery trailers.