Flexible Gravity Conveyors

Flexible gravity conveyors offer an economical solution for loading items into a truck and unloading items from the truck. These conveyors easily expand to reach from within a store or from the end of a fixed conveyor to the front wall of the trailer. They can also gradually contract or expand as the trailer is filled or emptied for maximum efficiency and ergonomic benefit.

Flexible conveyors can be curved into various configurations to deliver to multiple loading docks. Flexible conveyor solutions allow for fewer operators, increased speed, improved ergonomics and safety, and more efficient loading and unloading.

NestaFlex 376 PL Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyors

This flexible conveyor is equipped with fixed height legs for consistent pitch, engineered to ensure that the legs remain perpendicular to the floor whether the conveyor is fully extended or contracted. This flexible conveyor is suitable for high-volume operations, with an extended length of up to 68’ available.

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NestaFlex 376 AL/FL Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyors

The 376AL (adjustable leg height) and 376FL (fixed leg height) conveyors are suited for high volumes, heavy items, frequent usage, setup and takedown. The 376AL/FL models feature double-welded cross braces, heavy-duty square tubing legs, all-bolted construction and four-point leg connections — providing our most durable, long-lasting flexible gravity conveyor.

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NestaFlex 226 Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyors

The 226 flexible skate wheel conveyor is designed especially for low- to medium-volume operations such as retail, assembly lines, packaging, and low-volume shipping and receiving. The self-tracking construction means that packages remain on the conveyor even when flexed and curved. This conveyor can handle a range of package shapes and sizes. Available in extended lengths from 8’ – 60’.

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NestaFlex 200 Gravity Roller Conveyors

We offer a flexible roller conveyor for applications where packages of odd shapes and sizes, or packages that may be too small for skate wheel conveyors, are being loaded and unloaded. With all-steel construction and a per-foot load capacity of 200 pounds, the NestaFlex 200 enables unparalleled speed and efficiency for even the most unconventional applications.

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Benefits of Gravity Conveyors

FMH Conveyors offers several models in our NestaFlex line of portable flexible conveyors, with customization possibilities available for each. Options for the flexible conveyors that we carry include:

  • Width: 18 inches, 24 inches or 30 inches
  • Axle center distance: 5.25 inches standard, with 3 inch and 4 inch options
  • Skate wheels (for skate wheel conveyors): Steel, black or red

These options allow us to customize flexible conveyor solutions for your specific application: package size, type, shape, volume and weight. Expandable conveyor solutions integrate quickly and easily with your existing conveyor systems, and offer unparalleled versatility for setting up temporary conveyor lines to meet demand surges, wherever and whenever needed.

With options including roller conveyors and accordion skate wheel conveyor solutions, expandable conveyors are an invaluable addition to retail back rooms, loading docks, plant floors, shipping areas, and other handling and fulfillment areas.

Flexible conveyor system solutions are used in a variety of industries, including:

All conveyors in the NestaFlex accordion expandable conveyor series can be customized according to the needs of your application — including width, length, skate wheel material or roller, load capacity, accessories and more.

FMH Conveyors has extensive experience both working with customers to identify needs and objectives and engineering custom conveyor solutions to meet and exceed those goals. For more information, Contact Us Today.