BestReach Rigid Drive Out Roller Conveyor

The BestReach rigid roller drive-out conveyor is designed to reach from a permanent conveyor all the way into the trailer with ease. It is equipped with a 1.5HP gear motor for extension and the 16” large solid rubber tires never go flat and easily move over uneven floors and dock plates.

This conveyor is ideal for packages of various sizes. The BestReach has a 3” axle center and uses 1.9” diameter steel rollers powered by a DC drive to send packages down the conveyor.

The BestReach is built with a structural channel base that can handle a maximum live load of 1000 pounds at any given time. It is made with all steel construction to withstand the punishing conditions and impacts of the shipping and receiving process.

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bestreach rigid drive out roller controls

Ergonomic Controls

Because safety and ergonomics are top-of-mind for all dock operations, operators have access to all controls from the front of the conveyor. The joystick provides several degrees of steering for better control, while the bumper bar and emergency stop provide safer worker conditions. 

bestreach rigid drive out floor tracks

Guide Track

Guide track assists the operator in extending and retracting the conveyor out from underneath the feed system, and provide a convenient place for Igus energy chain to lay. 

bestreach rigid drive out tires & motor

Large Solid Tires

The large solid rubber tires will never go flat, and help easily move over uneven floors and dock plates. 

Standard Specs

Load Capacity

100 lbs / ft

Max Live Load

1,000 lbs

Accumulation Zones

40 – 49 in

Roller Size

1.9 in

Roller Width

29 in

Roller Type

Heavy duty 16 gauge zinc plated steel rollers with precision bearings

Axle Centers

3 / 4.5 in

Standard Roller Motors

DC Variable Speed 0 – 120 fpm

Optional Roller Motors

DC Variable 0 – 200 fpm / AC Fixed 120 fpm

Traversing Motor

1.5 hp gear motor

Traversing Speed

60 fpm

Left to Right Steering

10 degrees

Conveyor Width

36 in

Conveyor Length

37 – 62 ft

Standard In-Feed Height

38 in

Standard Discharge Height

30 in


16 in Solid Rubber


480 / 230 VAC

Interlock Signals

 Full Line Signal & Emergency Stop


Structural Channel Base


  • Herringbone Transition
  • Wheel Guards
  • Fan
  • Light
  • Fused Electrical Disconnect
  • Full Line Read Kit


MECHANICAL :: 24 Months

ELECTRICAL :: 12 Months

Services Available

  • Technical Support
  • Installation & Service
  • Preventative & Routine Maintenance
  • Application Support
  • Operator & Maintenance Training