Telescopic Belt Conveyors

When loading and unloading trucks, an extendable conveyor makes a world of difference. This solution extends all the way from the permanent conveyor to the nose of the truck trailer, making the process of getting cargo in and out faster, easier and safer. Based on our expertise and extensive customization options, FMH Conveyors is the best company to call for improved speed, efficiency, safety and ergonomics at the loading dock.

An Ideal Solution

When your facility integrates one of our telescopic belt conveyors into its operations, you will enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • Productivity: The MaxxReach telescoping conveyor reduces loading and unloading time by decreasing the number of operators and the effort required in these processes. The MaxxReach accomplishes this through easy extension and retraction, intuitive operator controls, optimal ergonomics and seamless integration with the existing permanent conveyor solution. This means tasks that would normally involve multiple operators, extended walking time, and inefficient picking and packing are now completed quickly and safely with just an operator or two — depending on package sizes. This results in faster turnaround and higher fulfillment rates.
  • Safety: With its ergonomic design, our telescopic boom conveyor is easier for employees to use safely. It cuts the risk of repetitive stress injuries as well as strains and other exertion injuries by placing the loading or unloading point at an ergonomically favorable point for the operator. This ultimately leads to lower costs and less downtime.
  • Less idle time: Without a powered extendable conveyor solution, much time is spent walking or forklifting packages and boxes from the permanent conveyor end to the dock (or vice versa), and additional time moving items to (or from) the innermost areas of the container. This additional handling time is considered idle time since it is not actively contributing to the completion of the process. An extendable conveyor eliminates this wasted time by bringing the conveyor right to the loading or unloading point within the trailer.

Customized for Your Needs

With a variety of lengths, widths, options and accessories, MaxxReach telescopic conveyors for truck loading help achieve all of your material handling goals. We stand committed to engineering the solutions you need for your specific truck loading or unloading requirements. As part of that commitment, we also provide a wide range of accessories and options.

For example, a raised belt transfer is designed to transition packages automatically from an unloader to a takeaway solution. A robotic loader is capable of filling an enclosed trailer without the need for a trailer operator, making it a good fit for e-commerce applications that utilize smaller packages.

These advantages make our equipment the perfect choice for a wide range of industrial and commercial environments. Virtually any industry with heavy shipping and receiving needs will reap significant rewards from implementing a telescopic belt conveyor solution, including:

We supply solutions to meet all your shipping requirements. To learn more about our offerings or to start working with us, Contact Us Today.