Automated Conveyor And Sortation Systems

Efficiency in fulfillment facilities is more important than ever, as online purchasing pushes to ever-increasing highs and supply chain reliability remains paramount. The sorting process in a facility can be one of the most time- and labor-intensive steps, frequently subject to costly errors and inefficiencies.

Automated conveyor and sortation systems provide a solution to these inefficiencies, yet can all too often be difficult and costly to implement and operate. The FMH LITESORT solves these problems, providing a modular, easy-to-set-up sorting solution with an integrated scanning tunnel and customizable, foldable divert wings for faster loading and unloading, reduced labor, and more.

What Can the LITESORT Automatic Sorting Solution Do for Your Business?

The benefits of a warehouse sorting system built on LITESORT include:

Modular customization: LITESORT is a modular solution built on casters for fast and easy setup and relocation, providing configuration flexibility with the full benefits of integrated automation and scanning. Divert wings can be quickly folded and unfolded for fast and easy storage and maneuvering, so you get the most value out of every square foot in the facility.

Efficiency across the board: These automated conveyors increase efficiency in nearly every area of the loading and unloading process: faster sorting, less resource-intense labor, easy setup, no training requirement, simple and intuitive controls, and convenient storage.

Improved ergonomics: The flexibility to configure LITESORT in the way best-suited to the facility and application at hand — with different configurations depending on the current situation — means less walking for associates, improved handling ergonomics, and newly uncovered efficiencies not only in the process, but in your operations overall.

Reliability and consistency to meet demand: With online commerce used more now than ever, fulfillment efficiency must be maximized just to keep up with demand. There is no faster or easier way to implement an automation solution than with LITESORT.

Questions to Ask Before Implementing an Automatic Sortation System

  • How much available space do I have on the production floor?
  • What speed will I need for its sorting rate?
  • Do we handle any fragile items that require more care and consideration?
  • Is there a wide variety of item sizes, shapes, weights, etc., being processed?
  • How much noise will the system generate when it is in use?
  • What types of materials do we use for packaging?
  • Do packages processed through this system feature uneven bottoms?

Configure LITESORT Automated Sortation Systems for Your Operation

LITESORT is designed for the fastest possible automation deployment, when you need efficiency results quickly. Plug-and-play setup through standard 110v power and 24v DC control systems mean that no special tools, skills or installations are required to get LITESORT up and running. The caster-based modular design is built for easy configuration by anyone.

With an integrated scanning tunnel and foldable divert wings, LITESORT is a robust and fully featured yet convenient solution that helps increase speed, safety, accuracy, and overall facility efficiency and performance through a carefully considered design. It allows for the full benefits of automation without the need for special training or sophisticated controls.

Reduce Loading Time

For businesses with the highest increase in demand and the greatest need to keep up with e-commerce, such as retail stores and distribution centers, LITESORT conveyor sorting systems provide the lowest barrier to automation entry in the market, bringing you the speed and cost benefits of automation without intensive training or installation requirements.

Ideal applications for LITESORT sortation conveyors include: