BestFlex Powered 1.9 Roller Flexible Conveyor

With its innovative design, the BestFlex® 1.9 powered roller conveyor requires less storage space when fully retracted and can service multiple docking doors for maximum productivity.By powering the conveyor, any package size can be moved any distance at variable rates of speed. It is an all-power conveyor that has a capacity of 100 pounds per linear foot.

The BestFlex® 1.9 features an easy and quick way to change out the drive belts giving you added durability and less maintenance down time. Flexible power conveyors provide maximum productivity in shipping, transportation and packaging applications where usability and adaptability are needed.

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bestflex servicing multiple dock doors


BestFlex conveyors are able to bend and twist as needed to go around obstacles. Conveyors can even curve up to 90º and 180º curves.

The flexibility of BestFlex conveyors also allows a single conveyor to service multiple doors.

bestflex dc motor

Continuous Duty Drive Motors

Fractional DC motors with serviceable brushes help power the rollers which allows the product to convey without the assistance of additional personnel. These durable DC drive motors with 120 VAC allow adjustable line speeds from 0 to 120 fpm. 

bestflex electrical components

Simple Electrical Components

BestFlex conveyors are designed with simple to use power and communication cables, along with easy-to-use operation switches to power the conveyor on and off. 

bestflex rollers

Heavy-Duty Rollers

1.9″ heavy duty 16 gauge precision bearing rollers on 12 mm axles provide a durable surface to convey products. 

bestflex photo eye

Product Flow Control

Optional Read-Between-The-Rollers photo eyes allow zero-pressure accumulation and can act as an electronic package stop. Electronic controls enable cartons to move directly to the discharge end without stopping until the reach the last zone of accumulation. When a carton is removed the conveyor will start again to bring the next carton into position.

bestflex handles

Ergonomic Side Handles

Ergonomically designed side handles provide a safe grabbing point for operators to open and close conveyors. BestFlex conveyors offer multiple handles types to ensure the best solution is provided.

bestflex caster with brake

Heavy Duty Casters

Conveyor casters with brakes help make it easier to roll over uneven surfaces.

Standard Specs

Load Capacity

100 lbs / ft

Roller Diameter

1.9 in

Roller Type

Heavy duty 16 gauge zinc plated steel rollers with precision bearings

Standard Axle Centers

5 in

Other Axle Centers Available

3 & 4 in

Drive Motors

Fractional DC with 120V AC Single Phase Power Supply

Electrical Amperage

15 Amp Standard Service / 20 & 30 Amp Optional Service

Conveyor Widths

18 / 24 / 30 / 36 in

Conveyor Lengths

12 – 48 ft

Conveyor Heights

28.5 – 37.5 in

Standard Caster Size

8 x 2 in

Upper Legs

1.5 in – Square tubing

Side Plates

2 in – Aluminum

Leg Design

Powder-coated, heavy-duty leg supports


  • Heavy Duty Impact Cart
  • Herringbone Transition
  • Guide Track
  • PowerTrax
  • Mobile Belted Loader


MECHANICAL :: 24 Months

ELECTRICAL :: 12 Months

Services Available

  • Technical Support
  • Installation & Service
  • Prevenative & Routine Maintenance
  • Application Support
  • Operator & Maintenance Training