Flexible Motorized Conveyors

Bridging the gap from a permanently installed conveyor to a delivery truck — whether for loading or unloading — often proves difficult. This step may introduce inefficiencies, time and resource sink, and even unanticipated safety risks, into fulfillment and receiving processes. A powered flexible conveyor perfectly addresses these issues in a versatile, space-efficient way. It also creates an ergonomically sound addition to existing conveyor systems and enables fast, efficient loading or unloading of packages.

BestFlex Powered 1.9 Roller Flexible Conveyor

With its innovative design, the BestFlex 1.9 power roller conveyor requires less storage space when fully retracted and can service multiple dock doors for maximum productivity.

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BestFlex Flexible Powered Roller Conveyor

BestFlex flexible powered roller conveyors offer consistency in high performance and quality for shipping or receiving hundreds to thousands of packages a day. Take advantage of the compaction ratio to free up floor space when not in use.

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Mobile Belted Loader Power Assist Conveyor

The MBL30 Mobile Belted Loader is a heavy-duty, power-assist conveying unit for fluid loading and unloading that efficiently pulls and pushes power flexible conveyors in receiving and shipping operations.

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PowerTrax Power Assist Conveyor

The PowerTrax takes the work out of moving conveyors in and out of trucks for faster, easier and safer loading and unloading applications.

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Impact Roller Conveyor Carts

The Impact Roller Conveyor Cart is designed to protect your conveyor investments that are exposed to high volume, high impact loading or unloading. Using an impact cart at the in-feed end of your conveyor system will help protect the life of your flexible conveyor and reduce overall maintenance costs.

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Benefits of Flexible Motorized Conveyors

Power conveyors, such as flexible  motorized roller conveyors, can take your conveyor solution to the next level of productivity and efficiency. They provide advantages in safety, footprint space, storage space and more. Flexible conveyor system benefits include:

Configuration versatility: Whether you need the flexible automatic roller conveyor to move around corners, meet multiple docks, or navigate close quarters where other infrastructure or equipment is present, a power flex conveyor can fulfill those requirements.

Increased productivity: Without this solution, facilities may have to make do with existing options that are not designed to address the loading or unloading process. These types of ad hoc solutions negatively impact speed and productivity in setup and handling. Flexible roller conveyors solve these problems through fast integration and a direct connection from the permanent conveyor system to the dock.

Improved safety and ergonomics: By eliminating workarounds and extra steps in moving packages between the truck and the end of the permanent conveyor, these conveyors offer ergonomic benefits, reduced injury risk, increased safety and more efficient package handling.

These solutions are ideally suited to augment an existing conveyor system when:

  • Storage space is limited or at a premium
  • Loading and unloading configurations are temporary and subject to change quickly
  • Multiple loading or unloading points are required
  • Loading and unloading speed are critical concerns
  • Capacity flexibility is necessary to cater to fluctuating demand

With powered roller conveyor solutions, you gain maximum control over conveying speeds with the ability to adjust conveyance rates as needed. Powered conveyors move heavy packages more safely and are the ideal solution when a gravity conveyor is not practical.

In addition, the flexible configuration means that these conveyors integrate seamlessly with your existing powered conveyor systems, making them ideal when a fixed conveyor is not suitable for a particular task.

Industries that use flexible roller conveyors include: