Rigid Drive-Out Conveyors

Rigid drive-out conveyors make moving packages from permanent conveyor systems into trailers easy and with optimal ergonomics and little effort from the operator. A rigid drive-out roller or belted conveyor is perfect for heavy-volume, high-impact applications that run around-the-clock or in multiple shifts throughout the day. In fact, a rigid truck loader is built to withstand the most heavy-duty usage that occurs in loading and unloading applications.

BestReach Rigid Drive Out Belt Conveyor

The BestReach rigid drive conveyor is designed to reach from a permanent conveyor all the way into a trailer with ease. This product is easily powered in and out, requiring no operator effort, for improved ergonomics.

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BestReach Rigid Drive Out Roller Conveyor

The BestReach rigid roller truck loader is built tough to handle those heavy-volume and high-impact shipping jobs that run multiple shifts throughout the day. It is the ideal conveyor for packages of various sizes. These conveyors are designed to service 53-foot trailers and they allow a single operator to move among multiple dock doors to maintain efficiencies.

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Benefits of Rigid Drive-Out Conveyors

Rigid drive-out conveyors offer numerous benefits. These conveyors are designed to be driven from the conveyor installation all the way into the trailer and are suitable for containers up to 53 feet deep. This makes the rigid truck loader excellent for a broad range of loading applications across industries. Rigid drive conveyors offer:

  • Ergonomic benefits: Manually placed flexible in-and-out conveyors tend to be demanding for operators throughout a day as they pull conveyors in and out of trucks to load and unload them. In contrast, our rigid drive-out conveyors are driven into and out of the truck with the push of a button by a single operator, creating a much safer, more ergonomic operation.
  • Heavy-duty applications: Robust structural steel construction provides a durable base, allowing transport of products of all sizes into the truck without the worry of damage from forklifts or other hazards in the shipping area. Our heavy-duty conveyors gain additional stability from durable, solid-rubber tires that never go flat and easily negotiate plates and other uneven surfaces.
  • Belt-operated or rigid roller truck loader systems: To fully meet the needs of any package size, shape, weight and format, FMH Conveyors offers two truck loader options — belt-operated or rigid roller. Depending on your application, we provide the right conveyor for you, enabling consistent, reliable movement of any package, large or small; any shape, including irregular shapes; and any type of package, including boxes, bags and more.

In addition, rigid drive conveyors are ideally suited for packages of different sizes, especially when utilizing the optional herringbone transition that centers packages and provides a seamless transition from the conveyor to the loader.

Industries and applications in which rigid conveyors are typically used include:

BestReach rigid drive-out conveyors from FMH Conveyors are ready for heavy-duty, multi-shift use. These conveyors are available with numerous features and options. Please view each of our available products for full details. For additional information, Contact Us Today.