Curved Belt Conveyors

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. However, when you are in material handling, going around a few corners between points A and B is probably necessary. That’s why FMH Conveyors offers a belted curve conveyor to help you move packages in the right direction. Our curved belt conveyors enable loads and products to change directions throughout facilities at a broad range of angles — including 180-degree curves and up to full 360-degree spirals for applications that may require it.

Maximum Flexibility

Our curved conveyors are designed for versatility, maximizing available space and enhancing your setup by creating the most efficient conveyor solution for your footprint. The curve belt conveyor design eliminates extraneous conveyor length and handling time. Built to transport heavy-duty loads, our belt curve conveyors are ready to integrate with your existing solution and meet even the most demanding transport needs.

When this curved conveyor is used in conjunction with your existing solution, it brings a number of advantages to virtually any material handling environment. These benefits include:

  • Exceptional durability: Our curved conveyor solutions are specifically designed for high-volume, heavy-duty applications — with one example being airport baggage handling. These low-maintenance conveyors are built for reliability in scenarios where equipment must run almost constantly, and downtime must remain at a minimum to meet strict deadline and timing requirements.
  • Performance-focused engineering: To meet the demands of heavy-duty applications, our curved conveyor solutions are built with offset joints and double seam-secured belt beading, providing guiding profiles that are five times stronger than traditional belt beading. By directly addressing and reducing these common breakage risks, FMH Conveyors is able to nearly eliminate maintenance time.
  • Quick belt changes: In scenarios where belt changes are required, the modular design of our curved belt conveyors enables a speedy resolution and minimal downtime, with changes occurring in as little as 15 minutes, instead of the hours required for other solutions.

The advantages of curved belt conveyors make them a perfect fit for industries with intensive shipping and receiving requirements. These include e-commerce fulfillment, distribution centers, parcel handling and more. Airports are the biggest users of this product.

Completely Customizable

Although our curved conveyor systems come in a wide range of standard measurements, FMH Conveyors will also engineer custom configurations. Whatever your needs are, we will do what it takes to meet them.

Our belted curve conveyors are designed to be the reliable, durable connection between the existing components of your complete setup. The modular design enables fast and efficient setup and integration. Upgrade individual solution components as needed, rather than replacing entire solutions. The modular design also enables the quick belt replacement described above, on the rare but necessary occasions that maintenance is required.

Curved belt conveyors are used in a variety of industries, including:

This product is just another example of FMH’s ability to provide solutions for our customers. To learn more about curved belt conveyors or any of our other offerings, Contact Us Today.