BestConnect Modular Conveyors

BestConnect rigid modular conveyors provide a solution for companies to quickly adapt to changing business requirements by utilizing highly reconfigurable components to create systems with different layouts as needed or during high seasonal peaks. BestConnect can be utilized to create systems for a variety of applications including package transfers, semi-automated sorts, and tying in manual packaging / work stations. These solutions can be quickly installed or reconfigured thanks to modular design, minimal components and hardware, and simple controls that utilize 120 VAC power.

Straight sections are the major building block of any system, while curves allow changes in product flow direction, and coated roller inclines allow elevation changes. Centralizers center packages before and after curves, and skews push the product to one side or the other. Merges can be utilized to pull index one lane into another, and lift gates can be utilized to allow operators to pass through the conveyor as needed.

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BestConnect motor

DC Motors

A series of DC motors are used to drive rollers to convey packages. 

BestConnect Cables

Communication & Power Cables

BestConnect power and communication cables are simple to use. Sections are designed to not require field wiring or fabrication, and have twist and lock electrical connections.

All sections of BestConnect are powered from 30AMP 110VAC power that is then transferred to the motors operating on 90VDC. 

Illuminated Start/Stop Touch Button

Has different color lights help quickly identify which sections have been stopped (green / red).

BestConnect Rollers

Heavy-Duty Rollers

BestConnect conveyors utilize 1.9″ rollers on 2″ or 3″ axle centers to convey product.

BestConnect Casters

Heavy-Duty Casters

Heavy duty 6″ x 2″ casters allow for easy movement for system reconfiguration, and the lock brakes help secure the conveyor in place while in use.

Section Types

BestConnect Straight Section


Straight sections are the primary building block of any system

  • Standard Lengths Available:
    • 36, 60, 90, 120 in
  • Standard Widths Available:
    • 24, 30, 36, 48 in
  • Accumulation Zones approximately every 33 in

BestConnect Curve


Curves are used to change the flow direction

  • Conical Rollers
  • Universal for left hand or right hand applications

BestConnect Centralizer


Centralizers center packages before and after curves.

  • Standard Length: 120 in
  • Standard Width: 48 in

BestConnect Coated Roller Incline

Coated Roller Inclines

Coated roller inclines can be used to change elevations within a system.

  • Used to change elevation within system
  • Standard Length: 120 in
  • Widths Available: 36 / 48 in
  • Maximum Incline: 9-10º 

BestConnect Skew


Skews push the product to one side or the other.

  • Standard Length: 120 in
  • Widths Available: 36 / 48 in

BestConnect Merge


Merges can be utilized to pull index one lane into another.

  • Standard Length: 120 in
  • Widths Available: 30 / 36 / 48 in
  • Merge Angle: 45º 
  • Foot pedal control, timed control & other options available based on application

Standard Specs

Load Capacity

75 lbs / ft

Roller Size

1.9 in

Roller Type

Heavy duty 16 gauge zinc plated steel rollers with precision bearings

Roller Widths

24 / 30 / 36 / 48 in

Standard Axle Centers

2 in or 3 in


Durable DC w/ 120V A/C

Motor Speed

Variable 0-120 fpm

Conveyor Heights


Standard Caster

6 x 2 in


  • Cord protection
  • Side rails: 3 x 120/144 in
  • Stainless steel transfer plates: 120 in




Services Available

  • Technical Support
  • Installation & Service
  • Preventative & Routine Maintenance
  • Application Support
  • Operator & Maintenance Training