Live Roller Conveyors

At FMH Conveyors, we specialize in maximizing efficiency and adaptability through modular roller conveyors that are quickly set up and configured for different factory environments. We focus on modular sortation solutions that make loading & unloading as fast and seamless as possible. Integrating our live roller conveyors allow your team to easily scale distribution efforts, especially when it comes to seasonal peaks or changes in everyday processes.

BestConnect MDR Conveyor

Our motor driven roller conveyors can be utilized to create systems for a variety of applications including package transfers, semi-automated sorts, and tying in manual packaging/workstations. These solutions can be quickly installed or reconfigured thanks to modular design, minimal components/hardware, and simple controls.

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BestConnect Modular Conveyors

These conveyor modules provide a solution that allows companies to quickly adapt to changing business requirements by utilizing highly reconfigurable components.

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Advantages of a Modular Conveyor Design

A belt-driven roller conveyor with modular design offers numerous benefits in shipping and receiving functions, including:

  • Fast configuration: Quickly set up, take down and reconfigure your conveyor modules to accommodate your floor space or operational needs.
  • Efficient package sorting: Conveniently sort and organize packages according to your needs. You can even create different configurations for various suppliers, shippers, and product types.
  • Minimal components/hardware: These systems are built with limited components and hardware, allowing for quick and simple installation.
  • Highly adaptable and portable: Conveyor modules can be easily maneuvered between workstations and facilities, maximizing their usage and return on investment.

Designed for Your Unique Application

Utilizing a series of modular conveyor components allows you to personalize product flow for a variety of applications; like package transfers, semi-automated sorting, or manual packaging/workstations. These conveyor modules are quickly installed or reconfigured thanks to their user-friendly design, minimal components, and simple controls that utilize 120 VAC power.

The most common industry applications include: