Rigid Modular Conveyors

At FMH Conveyors, we specialize in maximizing efficiency and adaptability through conveyors that are quickly set up and configured for different layouts, and just as easily reconfigured, taken down and stored. We focus on modular conveyor solutions that make loading and unloading as fast and as seamless as possible, integrating into modular conveyor systems that are ideal for scenarios where spikes, surges or seasonal peaks occur, as well as changes in layout to use floor space efficiently and meet shifting needs.

BestConnect Rigid Modular Conveyors

BestConnect rigid modular conveyors provide a solution that allows companies to quickly adapt to changing business requirements by utilizing highly reconfigurable components.

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Benefits of a Modular Conveyor

A modular roller conveyor offers numerous benefits in shipping and receiving functions. These benefits include:

  • Fast reconfiguration: By design, conveyor modules are quickly and easily set up, moved, and integrated into or removed from existing modular conveyor systems. The modular capabilities of a reconfigurable conveyor allow personnel to take advantage of conveyor benefits, when needed, while maximizing floor space usage at other times.
  • Efficient package sorting: With a modular setup, packages are easily sorted when coming off the truck, according to the needs and arrangement of your facility. Modularity even offers the ability to create different setups for various suppliers, shippers and product types — providing the flexibility necessary to succeed in today’s evolving material handling landscape.
  • Reduced investment through portability: Beyond simple reconfiguration within one facility, the conveyor can be easily moved between facilities. This maximizes usage efficiency and reduces infrastructure spend by eliminating the need for full-fledged, new systems and providing just as much technology and light automation as needed.

BestConnect rigid modular conveyors create systems for a variety of applications including package transfers, semi-automated sorts and tying in manual packaging/work stations. These solutions are quickly installed or reconfigured thanks to the modular design, minimal components and hardware, and simple controls that utilize 120 VAC power.

Industries in which a reconfigurable conveyor solution is advantageous include:

FMH BestConnect rigid modular conveyors are available with a wide range of features and options. In conjunction with our application engineering services, we collaborate with you to determine the best modular conveyor solution — including any potential integration with conveyor systems. For more information, Contact Us Today.