Rigid Two-Stage Truck Loaders

In high-traffic shipping areas — such as loading docks — collisions between forklifts and loading equipment are almost inevitable. As personnel strive to meet demanding loading and turnaround requirements, the company may spend extra time and extra dollars maintaining truck loaders, which can constitute a major drain on resources. Fortunately, the Rigid Two-Stage Truck Loader is the answer. Built to withstand collisions with forklifts, trailer walls and other infrastructure, this durable machine provides an efficient, low-maintenance solution for loading and unloading.

Aftersort Rigid Two-Stage Truck Loader

The Aftersort TL2 Extendible Telescoping Conveyor is built to withstand punishment in shipping areas that have a high degree of forklift traffic or other collision obstacles.

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What Could the Aftersort TL2 Truck Loader Do for Your Business?

Benefits of the Aftersort TL2 Truck Loader include:

  • Space-saving configuration: This telescoping rigid loaderis designed to feed cartons from a powered conveyor or chute right into the trailer. Total length is determined by the application and can be up to 64 feet. When not in use, the telescoping discharge stage retracts under the upper infeed section. This shrinks the overall length and opens space in the dock area.
  • Safety and Ergonomics: A powered drive motor allows the conveyor to be driven in and out of trucks rather than manually pulled into a trailer. This, along with ideal working height, provides great ergonomic benefit to operators. A safety bumper bar is also included at the discharge end of the conveyor to stop forward motion and protect operators and packages.
  • Heavy-duty load capacity: Cartons are gravity-fed into the trailer on 1.9-inch diameter rollers on 3-inch These are rated at 50 pounds/linear foot. Maximum live load capacity of the rigid two-stage truck loader is 3,000 pounds. An optional section of herringbone transition roller conveyor better ensures cartons are centered as they leave the supplying powered conveyor.
  • Better versatility: Rigid truck loadersbenefit any loading dock environment where cartons and totes are handled.

Configure the Aftersort TL2 Rigid Truck Loader for Your Operation

The two-stage truck loader is available with discharge stage widths from 28 inches to 33 inches. Consider carton orientation as well as size when deciding on the right width for your operation.

Total extended length ranges from 56 feet to 64 feet. Completely retracting the discharge stage approximately halves the area needed for the conveyor.

Options include light and fan kits for better working conditions inside the trailer, rollers on 2-inch centers, and ABEC-sealed precision bearings for the rollers. (These bearings are quieter than the standard lightly oiled bearings, but offer slightly higher rolling resistance.) Photoeye sensors can be installed on the herringbone section to detect carton or tote accumulation.

Reduce Loading Time

Higher loading dock productivity reduces costs and increases capacity through faster truck turnaround. A rigid loading conveyor makes this possible. Engineered for demanding warehouse and distribution center environments, this durable two-stage truck loader helps employees work faster while reducing fatigue and protecting them from lifting-related injuries.

Ideal applications for rigid truck loaders include:

Every trailer loading application is different. One of our specialists will help you understand what our rigid truck loaders can do for your business. To start the conversation, Contact Us Today.