Mobile Belted Loader Power Assist Conveyor

The Mobile Belted Loader is a heavy-duty power-assist conveying unit for fluid loading and unloading that efficiently pulls and pushes power flexible conveyors in receiving and shipping operations. This power assist is designed to reduce the risk of ergonomic injuries while improving operator safety and efficiencies at shipping and receiving docks.

The mobile belted loader seamlessly integrates with powered flexible conveyor systems and its articulating belted snout puts the work surface at the operator’s ergonomic power zone in order to alleviate common repetitive stress injuries, like muscle strains or pulls. The 30” wide belts utilize a tough high-grip surface to reduce parcel damage during operations, and provide operators increased reliability during demanding usage.

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mobile belted loader high grip belt

High Grip Belt

Mobile belted loaders use 30” wide belts to provide a tough high-grip surface to reduce parcel damage during operations, and provide operators increased reliability during demanding usage.

mobile belted loader controls and e-stop

Safe & Ergonomic Controls

Because safety and ergonomics are top-of-mind for all dock operations, operators have access to multiple emergency stop buttons, strategically located for immediate access from multiple angles. Operators also have access to intuitive controls from both sides of the units.

mobile belted loader bumper bar and light

Bumper Bar & Trailer Light

Operator safety is further enhanced with a bumper bar at the end of the snout that when engaged, will stop and reverse the unit. 

A light for trailer illumination has also been added to the nose of the unit.

mobile belted loader pop out roller

Pop-Out Rollers

The mobile belted loader also incorporates pop-out rollers at both ends of the unit that will disengage from the body of the unit to protect against draw-in and crush hazards.

mobile belted loader photo eyes

Product Flow Control

Optional Read-Between-The-Rollers photo eyes allow zero-pressure accumulation and can act as an electronic package stop. Electronic controls enable cartons to move directly to the discharge end without stopping until the reach the last zone of accumulation. When a carton is removed the conveyor will start again to bring the next carton into position.

Standard Specs

Load Capacity

50 lbs / ft

Max Live Load

600 lbs


12 ft


31.25 in

Snout Elevation Range

1 – 5 ft above floor

Conveyor Belt Width

30 in

Belt Speed

60 – 120 fpm

Top of Belt Height

36.625 in

Belt Type

High grip, longitudinal rib belt

Belt Motor

1.5 hp

Drive Motor

1.5 hp

Travel Speed

0 – 45 fpm


14 in Solid Rubber Tires & 8 in Casters


120 v, 30 amp dedicated


  • Retrofit Connect Kit to connect to existing flexible powered conveyors


MECHANICAL :: 24 Months

ELECTRICAL :: 12 Months

Services Available

  • Technical Support
  • Installation & Service
  • Preventative & Routine Maintenance
  • Application Support
  • Operator & Maintenance Training

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