LITESORT Features & Specifications

LITESORT was engineered to improve the efficiency of retail and distribution facilities. This solution helps companies keep up with online purchasing by eliminating the labor and time-intensive function of manual sortation.

This solution allows for rapid deployment of a scan and sort system without the need for lengthy or costly implementations. This low cost, portable, plug & play configuration was designed to be installed without any special tools or need for sophisticated control systems.

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LITESORT Infeed Scanner

Integrated Scan Tunnel

The scan tunnel for the LITESORT can be configured to scan up to five sides in order to automatically determine sort locations. 


Modular Sortation

The LITESORT allows for any number of divert wings and options. Configure with single or double divert wings, or even configure to sort to other conveyors like BestFlex or BestConnect.

LITESORT Foldable Divert Wings

Foldable Divert Wings

Divert wings can be quickly folded and unfolded for fast and easy storage and maneuvering, so you get the most value out of every square foot in the facility.

LITESORT Pop Up Divert

All Electric Bi-Directional Divert

The LITESORT 24V popup divert utilizes an all electric mechanism to avoid the need for any pneumatics.


Belted Gapping

The LITESORT utilizes belt over roller sections to ensure the proper amount of space is achieved for each item going through the scan tunnel.


Intuitive Controls

The HMI for the LITESORT provides key operational and diagnostic information to help operators know the machine is working at full capacity.


Heavy Duty Casters

Heavy duty casters provide maximum mobility for simpler installations and reconfigurations.

Standard Specs

Load Capacity

50 lbs / ft

Roller Diameter

1.9 in

Roller Type

Heavy duty 16 gauge zinc plated steel rollers with precision bearings

Standard Axle Centers

3 in

Drive Motors

24V DC Brushless

MDR Speeds

60 – 194 fpm

Conveyor Widths

30 in

Scannable Sides

Up to five sides

System Divert Rate

25 – 30 cartons per minute

Standard Caster Size

6 x 2 in


MECHANICAL :: 24 Months

ELECTRICAL :: 12 Months

Services Available

  • Technical Support
  • Installation & Service
  • Preventative & Routine Maintenance
  • Application Support
  • Operator & Maintenance Training