SupportPro Tips: BestConnect Troubleshooting Guide


Our BestConnect rigid modular conveyors allow companies to quickly adapt to changing business requirements by utilizing highly reconfigurable components.


Our conveyors require very little maintenance; however, this simple tip will help extend the life of your system.

DC Motor Brush Replacement

Brushes should be checked quarterly at a minimum, then the frequency of inspection can be gauged from there. Improper brush maintenance can lead to motor failure. It is critical that the brush dust is cleaned from the motor when checking or changing brushes. Learn how to change brushes.

If any issue should arise with your conveyor, the following troubleshooting guide could help limit downtime.

Troubleshooting Guide

Scenario 1: All motors run except for one. Does this mean that I have a bad motor?

Check for incoming voltage on the motor wiring and verify the motor fuse before replacing the motor. If the incoming voltage is correct and the fuse is good, the motor is most likely bad.

Scenario 2: No motors run, and I don't have any DC voltage out of the DC motor controller.

First check the fuses in the DC motor controller. A blown fuse will cause all motors to stop working. If the DC motor control fuses are good, check incoming voltage to the motor controller. If there is no incoming voltage, check power supply and contractor in main control panel.

Scenario 3: I replaced the DC motor controller but now there is no DC voltage to the motors.

The replacement DC motor controller does not come with a DC fuse or a horsepower resistor. These items should be taken out of the old motor controller and checked to ensure they are good. They should then be inserted into the new motor controller. The potentiometers should also be set to match the pots of the old motor controller. New DC fuses and horsepower resistors are provided in the RSPL for each site.

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