MaxxReach HMI Operation


Incorporating an extendable conveyor can greatly impact truck loading and unloading tasks. This solution extends all the way to the front of the tractor trailer, significantly simplifying and expediting the loading and unloading process.  

The MaxxReach telescopic conveyors offer exceptional productivity. This system is specifically designed to streamline high volume shipping and receiving operations in distribution centers. With these conveyors, you can automate your loading and unloading areas, efficiently handling a wide range of products, from large or small cartons to loose bags and tires. 

In addition to its capability to seamlessly integrate with other FMH products, the MaxxReach system may also incorporate an intuitive HMI (Human Machine Interface).  

The HMI establishes a connection with the conveyor’s PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), enabling physical monitoring of individual Inputs and Outputs along with faulted Variable Frequency Drives connected to the PLC. This integration minimizes the troubleshooting efforts required by the user.  Also, real-time fault detection and diagnostic capabilities provided by the HMI empower operators to promptly identify issues and reduce downtime.  

telescopic hmi

HMI Control Panel: 

With its user-friendly touch interface, this system offers effortless operation, ensuring a seamless experience for the users. The main indicator on the home screen serves as a clear signal, indicating the system’s ready for operation. Indicators are also placed on the page buttons to identify a problem with an item on that page for quick and seamless maintenance troubleshooting. 

VFD: Variable Frequency Drive faults can be displayed to alert the operator and maintenance that the drive is faulted and allow maintenance to quickly resolve the issue.  

E-Stop: The HMI allows users to quickly check the status of e-stops and reset the system once they’re physically disengaged. The system can be reset to operational status by pressing the “System Reset” button on the main control panel. 

System Ready: This indicator will illuminate blue or white, depending on the status of the Master Control Relay and no faults present. 

Benefits of HMI Control Panel: This user-friendly system aims to minimize human error. It follows industry norms, leading to improved effectiveness and productivity. An HMI system offers a visual representation of the system and provides feedback on operations. The MaxxReach can provide detailed information and important metrics about its components. This includes specific readings, such as downtime, belt runtime, input/output status, package count and more.  

Summary: An HMI is designed to reduce downtime by improving effectiveness for operators and maintenance along with collecting key data matrix to be used to improve product flow and efficiency.  To discover how you can integrate the HMI into your MaxxReach system, contact one of our sales team members.