SupportPro Tips: LITESORT HMI Operation


LITESORT is a light automated sortation system that provides operators the convenience of automatic sortation based on their custom specifications and conveyor configuration. The five-sided scan tunnel allows up to 30 packages to be processed per minute.

Along with the ability to integrate with other FMH products, this system features an intuitive HMI.


The HMI interfaces with the conveyor system to provide physical monitoring of each motor, reducing the troubleshooting required by the user. This monitoring also allows operators to recognize faults in real-time, and provides diagnostics to reduce downtime.


HMI Control Panel:

The touch interface of this system provides simple operation for the user. The home screen features three main indicators to ensure the system is ready for operation.

Motor controller: Each controller provides fault information that can be monitored on the HMI. If a fault happens, users can see which motor has a fault from the home screen. Touching individual motor indicators will bring users to a different screen, allowing them to see which faults are active.
E-Stop: Emergency stop push buttons are located along the length of the conveyor. If an e-stop is pressed, it will need to be disengaged before the system can be restarted. Engaged e-stops will be illuminated red. After disengaging, users will need to press the "Control Power" button on the front of the control panel and the "E-Stop Reset" button on the HMI to enable a system restart. The E-Stop indicator will turn green upon reset.
System Ready: This indicator will illuminate green or red, depending on the status of the motor controller and e-stop indicators.
Individual motor indicators: Each module provides diagnostics on a per-motor basis. These motor indicators work to eliminate downtime by quickly informing users of where the fault has been triggered and what the error is.
System Start/Stop: Easy-to-use buttons allow users to seamlessly start or pause operations.

Benefits of an HMI system:

This intuitive system works to reduce human error. Rejected packages will be sent to the end of the lane by default, or users can assign a specific divert to fit their needs. Aligned with industry standards, throughput will increase efficiency and productivity. An added benefit of an HMI system is a visual depiction of the system with feedback about operations. LITESORT has the capacity to provide details and key metrics about the system and components. This includes specific readings about components to provide metrics such as amp draw to measure performance and indicate any potential issues.


Automated conveyor and sortation systems provide a solution to a changing business environment. LITESORT provides a modular, customizable sorting solution designed with the user in mind. By implementing a smart sortation system, businesses will benefit from faster loading and unloading while reducing labor requirements. The intuitive HMI is just one of many features that will help in this process.