Conveyors Move The World


Conveyors have been around for centuries. From the wooden beds of the 1700’s to the modern conveyor belts used today, this technology has come a long way.  


Conveyors played a significant role in the Industrial Revolution, making it possible for goods and materials to be moved quickly and efficiently with minimal effort. Today, conveyors are used in many industries and applications, from sorting packages in warehouses to transporting raw materials in factories.  

Some of the most common industries where conveyors are used: 

  • Parcel Post 
  • E-Commerce 
  • Warehouse & Distribution Centers 
  • Manufacturing & Packaging  
  • Retail 
  • Airports 
  • Tire Handling 
  • Wine & Spirits 
  • Production & Material Handling 

Conveyors are one of the most important pieces of equipment in the world today. It’s very likely that everything in your life has been conveyed at some point. Without conveyors, many of our everyday products, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear, would be harder to come by. 

Conveyors really do move the world!