Superior Customer Service

A large off-price retail chain has been a loyal customer of FMH Conveyors for over 20 years. Aside from relying on FMH Conveyors to deliver top notch conveyors, the company attributes its long-term partnership to FMH Conveyors’ superior customer service skills. For example, when a new store is opened, FMH Conveyors strives to develop strong business relationships with the new purchasing team in order to ensure proper roll out of new conveyors. According to an employee of the retail chain, “Over the years, FMH Conveyors has consistently responded to requests and delivered products in a timely manner. They are easy to do business with, always deliver on-time, and one of the best all-around vendors.”

Reducing Load Times

A loyal wine and spirits customer asked FMH Conveyors help reduce their load times and overall dock operation costs at all distribution centers.


  • Load times were on average two hours
  • Overall cost of dock operations was higher than expected


After installing the MaxxReach telescopic conveyors, improved efficiencies occurred in their processes to include reducing load times by twenty to thirty minutes. The MaxxReach telescopic conveyors proved to maximize productivity and lower dock operations expenditures.