SupportPro Tips: Curved Belt Maintenance Guide


Our curved belt conveyors are designed to minimize equipment downtime. By following these few tips, you can help boost the longevity and productivity of your machine.


Note: Maintenance work may only be carried out by trained staff. Cleaning and maintenance work may only be carried out when the machine is not operating.

The system should be secured to ensure that it cannot be started or put into motion inadvertently.

When cleaning or maintenance work is being carried out, the main switch must be switched off and secured against reactivation.

Maintenance Plan:

A visual inspection should take place daily to ensure that everything looks to be in place and there are no apparent service needs. Weekly, users should check for noises in bearings and gear motors in addition to checking the belt path for damage or dirt build-up. Once a month, sensors and oil levels should be checked. Occasionally, users should check screws on bearings and sliders to ensure level of tightness.

By design, these maintenance steps can be performed during normal usage to eliminate the need to shut down machinery for routine maintenance.

Cleaning the System:

To maintain productivity, the whole system should be cleaned regularly. Electrical parts of the system should not be cleaned with a pressure washer.

Do not use cleaning agents that are corrosive or pose a health or environmental risk. Proper cleaning agents will aid in service life, proper function, occupational health and safety, and prevent corrosion.

Light barriers and reflectors can generally be cleaned with a dry cloth without the presence of a cleaning agent.

Labels and stickers must generally be removed mechanically.

Conveyor belts can be cleaned with soapy water or ethyl alcohol.

SupportPro provides service for Curved Belt units as part of its preventative maintenance (PM) program. To contact our SupportPro team, call 1-844-364-7378.