ProMat 2023: Touch the Future


Welcome to ProMat 2023!

After four years, ProMat is back in-person and bigger than ever. With over 2.6 million square feet of exhibit space, Chicago’s McCormick Place is the largest convention center in North America, making it the perfect location to house over 1,000 of the world’s leading manufacturing and supply chain solution providers.  FMH Conveyors is thrilled to be here showcasing our line of fluid loading and unloading products.  

ProMat is a leading supply chain and manufacturing solutions event, and this year’s theme is Touch the Future.  This is the perfect place to connect with other industry professionals, making it a great way to share knowledge and skills needed to move forward. 

While browsing through the many exhibits, listening to keynotes, and attending the many seminars we invite you to stop by the FMH booth #S641 to see what makes us a world-class conveyor manufacturer. Whether you’re running a production line, a loading dock or a retail store, there’s an FMH conveyor that will save you time and money  

FMH is proud to debut three new designs at this year’s ProMat: 

Removable ManRider- 

The Removable Man-Rider was designed to allow operators to be lifted to different elevations within a trailer, while dramatically improving ergonomics and productivity during fluid loading/unloading operations. This new design features a unique mechanical drive system that raises and lowers the RMR platform, eliminating the need for hydraulics or pneumatics. RMR demonstrations will be given every hour on the half-hour, be sure to stop by our booth #S641 to see this in action.  

BestConnect Motor Driven Roller- 

BestConnect MDR can be utilized to create systems for a variety of applications including package transfers, semi-automated sorts, and tying in manual packaging/workstations. The brushless 24V DC motors found in the new BestConnect MDR are capable of more starts and stops and feature up to four times longer life than traditional brushed motors.   

Motion06 Strip Belt Merge- 

The Motion06 Strip Belt Merge (SBM) is a high performing, highly reliable belt merge conveyor that efficiently allows the merging or diverging of two conveyors lines. The SBM design allows the system to continue working flawlessly even if one strip gets damaged. 

Other FMH products on display include: 

MaxxReach Telescopic Conveyor-  

The MaxxReach provides the highest level of productivity for large volume, shipping and receiving applications for any type of distribution center. Automate your loading and unloading areas and convey a variety of products from large or small cartons to loose bags and tires. 


Built to withstand collisions with trailer walls and other infrastructure, this durable machine provides an efficient, low-maintenance solution for loading. 


The LITESORT system was engineered to help companies keep up with online purchasing by eliminating the labor and time-intensive function of manual sortation.   

Motion06 Curve- 

Curved Belt Conveyors are built to transport heavy-duty loads and convey at speeds of up to 550 feet per minute. They are designed for stringent environments with continuous or clocked transportation of packages, containers, and packaged goods with changes in direction.  

Our team is looking forward to a week of learning from other industry leaders, gaining new connections, and experiencing the latest solutions. Please join us in booth #S641 to learn how to increase your operation's productivity with our broad range of conveyor solutions.