Employee Spotlight: Nugene Bell


Meet Nugene Bell, Machine Setup Operator for FMH!

nugene bell

Nugene will be celebrating his 22nd service anniversary in October!

Before entering the manufacturing space, he was employed in the restaurant industry as a supervisor. Originally from Wynne, Bell moved to Little Rock and then Jonesboro pursuing better opportunities. After having a daughter, Bell applied at FMH seeking a positive work environment and better work-life balance.

His role at FMH is a machine setup operator. Specifically, he ensures that the inner leg staking machines used for assembling casters are functioning properly. The machines he oversees are responsible for providing casters across flexible powered and gravity departments at FMH. When asked about the scope of his role, Bell said "It's just like a Cadillac, you can't get anywhere without wheels."

Nugene's favorite part of working at FMH is his coworkers. The team atmosphere encourages a positive workplace environment. He enjoys learning more about his coworkers and understanding their stories that led them to FMH. Nugene said this has demonstrated an important life lesson -- "you never know what someone is going through in their personal lives."

When discussing the future of FMH, he expressed his excitement and looks forward to opportunities for growth.

Nugene lives in Jonesboro with his wife and four of his six children. In his free time, he likes to watch sports and spend time with his family. Nugene discussed the unique and rewarding experience of raising his youngest son with autism. They enjoy going to the park and Chuck E. Cheese often, though Nugene says his wallet suffers from the Chuck E. Cheese trips!

Thank you, Nugene, for your dedication to FMH! We are so glad to have you as part of our team!