Customized vs. Custom Conveyors: Understanding the Difference


Customized vs. Custom Conveyors: Understanding the Difference  

While they may sound similar, there is a distinct difference between customized and custom conveyors that is important to understand. 

Customized Conveyors 

Customized conveyors refer to systems configured to meet specific requirements, such as desired width, length, turns, and other specifications. These conveyors are typically built using standard components and modules offered by the manufacturer, but they are assembled and arranged in a way that suits the customer's needs. The key advantage of customized conveyors is that they provide a tailored solution without the need for extensive engineering or custom fabrication. Customers can select from a range of pre-designed options to create a conveyor system that fits their application and layout. 

Custom Conveyors 

On the other hand, custom conveyors are designed and engineered from the ground up to meet unique requirements that cannot be addressed by standard or customized solutions. These conveyors often incorporate specialized features, materials, or capabilities. Custom conveyors are typically required when dealing with challenging environments, unusual product handling needs, or specific process requirements. The main benefit of custom conveyors is their ability to provide a truly tailored solution that addresses the specific challenges and requirements of an application. However, this level of customization may come with a higher cost and longer lead times due to the engineering and fabrication involved. 

Choosing the Right Solution 

When deciding between customized and custom conveyors, it is important to carefully evaluate your application's requirements and limitations. Customized conveyors can be a cost-effective and efficient solution for many applications, as they offer flexibility and tailoring. However, if your application has unique challenges or requirements that cannot be met by customized solutions, investing in a custom conveyor system may be necessary.  The choice between customized and custom conveyors depends on the right balance between cost, lead time, and the specific needs of your application. Working closely with an experienced conveyor manufacturer can help you navigate this decision and ensure you select the most appropriate solution for your operation. 

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