Breaking Down The Industry: Distribution Centers


Many believe that the terms, “distribution center” and “warehouse”, are one of the same.  Although very similar, there are a few key differences.  

Distribution centers are buildings in which companies, usually briefly, store and ship out their produced goods. These centers play a large role in the eCommerce supply chain.  Strategically placed distribution centers can help cut costs and simplify the shipping process.  These centers usually partner with shipping companies for daily pickup, making faster customer delivery.  Warehouses typically do not offer shipping solutions. 

The purpose of a warehouse is also to store goods but on a more long-term basis.  Think of a warehouse as a rental storage building and you are only paying for the space. Warehouses do little in adding to customer value.  

eCommerce = Distribution Centers 

From a faster buying process to customer flexibility, eCommerce has numerous advantages. Long gone are the days of waiting lengthy, unknown periods for your delivery. These “purchasing positives” have given eCommerce a rapid push in recent years. To keep up with customer satisfaction, many businesses are turning to distribution centers.  

With the constant flow of goods being unloaded and loaded daily, distribution centers need a fast and efficient system to help process and ship. Part of this system involves the use of specialized conveyors.  

When you are running heavy volume, high impact applications for several shifts throughout the day, our BestReach rigid drive out conveyors are designed to perform. Built to withstand heavy duty usage, these roller or belted conveyors make moving packages with ease and little effort from the operator.   

Rigid drive out conveyors can also be used with the optional herringbone transition. This add-on benefit can be used to center packages and provide a smooth passage from the conveyor to the loader. 

From distribution centers to tire handling, FMH Conveyors offer a wide range of conveyor options for efficient shipping and receiving. We strive to meet the industry’s need for cost reduction, productivity and safety measurements. Several of the nation’s leading companies entrust us with their specific material handling needs. Rest assured that there is a system to fit your industry’s conveyor solutions.