• The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.


Vice President of Sales

Peter Rice

Mobile: 610.312.3569

Email: peter.rice@fmhconveyors.com


North – East Regional Manager

Charlie Wood

Mobile: 870.243.0125

Email: charlie.wood@fmhconveyors.com


South – East Regional Manager

Mack Burcham

Mobile: 870.930.7305

Email: mack.burcham@fmhconveyors.com


North – Central Regional Manger

Rich Stokes

Mobile: 262.220.3753

Email: rich.stokes@fmhconveyors.com


West Regional Manager

Jeff Skibba

Mobile: 870.206.4065

Email: jeff.skibba@fmhconveyors.com


Key Accounts Manager

Bill Elliott

Mobile: 704.755.5447

Email: bill.elliott@fmhconveyors.com


Key Accounts Manager

John King

Mobile: 770.755.5447

Email: john.king@fmhconveyors.com


Key Accounts Manager

Mark Bradley

Mobile: 757.768.2847

Email: mark.bradley@fmhconveyors.com


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FMH Conveyors Main Office Jonesboro Operations
9701 E Highland Drive
Jonesboro, AR 72401
Telephone: 800.327.9209

FMH Conveyors Hampton Operations
315 E Street
Hampton, VA 23661
Telephone: 800.845.6299

For sales information, please contact us at sales@fmhconveyors.com

To send a purchase order, please contact us at order@fmhconveyors.com