FMH Featured Solutions: Parcel Applications


Parcel companies are being forced to compete for the extremes that have become industry standard. Free shipping, although great for the consumer, has become more expensive for parcel companies as they must address external forces affecting cost. In addition to free, they are expected to offer fast, on-time, correct delivery.


They are pushing the limits of the current systems for the “New Peak” of direct-to-home delivery according to Rich Stokes, Key Accounts Manager for FMH Conveyors.

Companies are looking to expand quickly and efficiently while remaining cost effective. Moving forward, it is going to be crucial for companies to quickly scale up or down based on peak demand. To maximize efficiency, companies will need to create a smarter sort and reduce the opportunity for human error.

When discussing evolving needs for companies, Stokes said “Our customers that ship products are having to deal with increased delivery points, aggressive timelines, and must sort to the correct destination. Another trend we are seeing is an increased number of orders with widely varying sizes. Some companies will be shipping a bag of marbles and a set of truck tires within the same system. It’s a challenge.”

FMH helps quickly and efficiently design systems for both shipping and receiving operations. For receiving, our solutions simplify the unloading process to reduce processing times. For shipping operations, our solutions improve overall loading times and labor efficiency.

“The goal is to process and ship orders while minimizing costs and managing growth. The accuracy, speed, and flexibility of a modular design is crucial for success in this industry,” said Stokes.

FMH has historically helped load and unload parcels efficiently and quickly with our MaxxReach telescopic and BestConnect rigid modular conveyors. These product lines provide a simple, modular, user-friendly experience for the customer that is scalable.


MaxxReach telescopic belt conveyors are well suited for parcel applications due to being designed to extend from the permanent conveyor to the nose of the truck trailer. This ergonomic design allows for faster, safer, easier movement of packages. Some benefits of this extendable conveyor include boosted productivity, standard safety features, less idle time, and a compact footprint. This product line has been designed to greatly increase efficiency in fluid truck loading and unloading solutions.

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best connect

BestConnect rigid modular conveyors offer many benefits in parcel applications. This product line can be utilized to create systems to fit a variety of applications including package transfers, semi-automated sorts, and tying in packaging or workstations. The modular design of this product allows for easy reconfiguration as business needs change. BestConnect uses a combination of straight sections, curves, centralizers to center packages, and skews to push the product to one side or the other. Additionally, merges and lift gates can be implemented to fit business needs.

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BestConnect and MaxxReach help meet delivery expectations in normal and high demand situations, such as the holiday season. The scalability and ability to seamlessly integrate with existing systems make these product lines well-suited for a variety of parcel applications. 

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