Employee Spotlight: Zeke Davis


Meet Zeke Davis, Assembly Technician!

Zeke Davis is a hard-working assembly technician working in the rigid assembly department. He joined FMH Conveyors in September 2021, after his grandmother told him about the job opportunity. Zeke had previously worked on a farm, picking weeds and doing other chores. He decided to move out and find full-time work after graduating from Bay High School in 2021. 

In rigid assembly, Zeke is responsible for nesting units while operating the crane. He is also available to help with other tasks as needed. Zeke says he likes working at FMH because he learns new skills and gets along well with his co-workers. 

Zeke lives in Brookland, Arkansas, with his brother and sister-in-law. He has six siblings, and he is about to become an uncle. In his free time, Zeke likes to go fishing, play basketball, work out, and hang out with his friends. He also enjoys grilling, a skill he learned from his grandpa. Zeke says the most important thing he has learned over the years is to never doubt himself and to always try his best.  

We truly appreciate Zeke and the rest of the FMH family for all their hard work.