Channel Partner Success: Conveyroll



Conveyroll was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. As a distributor for FMH, they specialize in sortation system installations across North, Central, and South America. They provide a full-service experience for their customers including consultation, engineering, installation, and ongoing support. A unique aspect of Conveyroll and FMH’s relationship is that they are contracted for installations and service work in Mexico.

Ricardo Garcia, General Director for Conveyroll, says that the two companies have “sort of grown up together” over the last few years. FMH has developed new products while Conveyroll has expanded their customer base and service offerings.

Aside from developing new working relationships, Conveyroll has some external forces to thank for explosive growth. Recent labor reform in Mexico has companies working to create safer environments for employees by reducing labor-intensive processes and increasing ergonomics. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced essential businesses such as freight, parcel, and e-commerce to expand and reevaluate business models. A shortage of truck drivers has freight companies scrambling to reduce labor needs for operations and improve efficiency.

When it comes to what products to use in these expansion projects, Ricardo says “There’s really no other way to go besides FMH.” He referenced the quality of FMH products, the working relationship with the team, and short lead times as high priority elements.  

Garcia mentioned that carrying inventory has allowed Conveyroll to access new markets in a challenging time for supply chain. They can service customers quickly and match their needs with pre-engineered solutions. The partnership with FMH allows Conveyroll to offer these solutions, which reduces implementation time.

Conveyroll historically focused on  NestaFlex flexible gravity and BestFlex flexible powered conveyors. These conveyors are designed to be economical solutions for a variety of applications.

Recently, they have explored our BestConnect and MaxxReach telescopic conveyor lines. BestConnect rigid modular conveyors are well-suited for distribution entities that make up much of Conveyroll’s customer base. Its modularity allows them to scale to meet increasing volumes, and to meet the complex needs of shipping and receiving a variety of package sizes. While MaxxReach telescopic belted conveyors help them increase efficiency and increase automation at the dock.

In 2019, Conveyroll worked with a major logistics company and a major retailer to install their first telescopic conveyor in Mexico. For this project, the three companies worked to address challenges and provide solutions to repurpose a distribution center to better meet market demands.


“This project opened a lot of minds,” Garcia expressed, referring to the potential benefits for companies. The center was able to reduce labor needs by 50% across five receiving docks.

The solution included replacing outdated, manual loading and unloading processes by utilizing FMH’s MaxxReach. This solution automated processes, reduced labor needs and decreased unload times.

The MaxxReach’s ability to retract up to 25% of the total length when not in use provided the perfect solution for this extremely confined space.

“The standard tractor trailer size in the United States is larger than the average tractor trailer size in Mexico. In addition to limited warehouse space, the conveyor must be configured to fit into a smaller trailer,” explained Victor Ortiz, Key Accounts Manager for FMH.

This project led to FMH developing a new option for the telescopic conveyor that would further reduce the overall footprint of the conveyor.


This is a great example of how partnership has contributed to innovation.

Conveyroll has since implemented telescopic conveyors in many projects. “The quality and intuitive operator controls of the MaxxReach make them a great fit for many projects,” said Garcia.

We enjoy working with our partners to offer custom solutions for a variety of applications. Thank you Conveyroll for continuing to trust our team!