Channel Partner Success: Conveyor Solutions


Conveyor Solutions, headquartered in Elgin, Illinois, is a turnkey systems integrator celebrating its 26th anniversary this year!


Though headquartered in Illinois, the company has remote offices in 11 states and services the entire country.

The privately held company offers in-house engineering, installation, and after-market service. Offering these services allows Conveyor Solutions to be a single-source solutions provider.

Conveyor Solutions works with a variety of industries ranging from warehouse and distribution fulfillment, manufacturing, third-party logistics (3PL), pharmaceutical, and food applications.

Conveyor Solutions and FMH's relationship stretches back over 20 years.

Conveyor Solutions continues to trust the FMH team due to product quality and national name recognition.

"There is a long legacy of name recognition in the industry as a leader in flexible truck loaders. FMH has continued to innovate over the years and is still developing new solutions," Jason Effing, Conveyor Solutions VP of Direct Sales, said of the partnership.

The integrator has found success in offering FMH's NestaFlex and BestFlex product lines, particularly for 3PL applications.

As companies look to automate their loading and unloading processes, FMH is looking to meet that need and provide innovative solutions.

This was demonstrated recently when FMH and Conveyor Solutions had the opportunity to collaborate on a project for an Indiana-based RV tire supplier.


The lead came in through FMH and was passed on to the sales team at Conveyor Solutions.

The end-user was expanding production and opening a new manufacturing facility. They were looking for a solution that would increase efficiency when compared to their existing facility.

Conveyor Solutions and FMH proposed a more automated solution with the hopes of decreasing heavily manual processes.

"This project included a complete installation of two MaxxReach and some BestConnect units. Tire applications are unique in the way they have to be maneuvered to ship efficiently," said Mitch Penar, FMH Regional Sales Manager.

Tires also offer a unique challenge with their size and weight. They must be stacked in a herringbone pattern in order to fill the trailer. Manual loading and unloading processes require that team members must utilize a ladder and lift each individual tire into position.

By implementing MaxxReach telescopic belt conveyors, operators are able to enjoy increased productivity and ergonomics. MaxxReach comes standard with many safety features designed to reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries.

For this application, the two units were equipped with a tilt feature and man rider platform. By implementing a tilt, operators are able to increase or decrease the angle at which the conveyor is positioned in the trailer for loading.


The man rider platform allows operators to stand at the end of the conveyor and eliminates the need for ladders or strenuous movement.

To better serve the end-user's facility needs, the two units were equipped with traversing floor tracks so they could service multiple dock doors.

Looking forward, Conveyor Solutions and FMH are exploring potential LITESORT automated sortation system projects to help meet the needs of their customers.

This is just one example of what channel partner success looks like with FMH! We enjoy working with our partners to serve many industries with custom solutions. Thank you to Conveyor Solutions for continuing to trust our team!