Motion06 – Straight Belt Conveyor

Whether straight, inclining or declining – the Motion06 Belt Conveyor transports luggage, packages and general cargo across any distance. As a modular system, the conveyor belt is suitable for a wide variety of requirements. The basic model includes the head drive or central drive, reversing station, normal round, pass round and support or suspension modules.

The transitions between the individual conveyors are fitted with individual transition sheets. The tensioning station at the head drives and reversing stations is tensioned from both sides on the basic model. The tensioning station on the centre drives is tensioned on one side.

SBC – 080/112/157.

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Structural Lengths

Short structural lengths of approx. 600 mm conveyor length and, for example, belt width of 1.000 mm possible.

Any Height Requirements

Low overall height possible with integrated belt tracking device.

Floor-mounted version or suspension from the ceiling incl. individually adjustable height and angle are also available.

No Maintenance

Maintenance-free thanks to lifetime lubricated bearings and optional mechanical belt track fittings.

Quick Installation

Swift assembly due to a simple modular system, perfectly optimised for transportation.


Energy-efficient and economic design.

Optional Running Control

Optional running control can be integrated into the drum bearings.

Can also be driven by a drum motor with mechanical belt track fittings.

Standard Specs

Load Capacity

50Kg capacity per linear metre (level)

Belt Conveyor Widths

Up to 1,600mm

Belt Conveyor Lengths

From 2ft (0.6m) to 131ft (40m)

Belt Conveyor Heights

As per customer requirement

Variable Speed

Up to 2.5 m/s


24 Months