Curved Belt Conveyors for Airports

Airport baggage handling systems are used to convey bags throughout the airport. A standard system includes tons of belted curves in the facility as well as slat conveyors in the baggage areas.

FMH Conveyors designs, develops, manufactures and installs the mechanical equipment required to safely sort and transport baggage from check-in to take-off and return it to the traveler quickly upon landing.

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Designed for Effective Baggage Handling

Sorting and moving thousands of bags throughout an airport require a system custom tailored to each facility’s unique needs and dimensions. Our products are designed for a wide range of weight categories and product sizes. FMH Conveyors offers curved belted conveyors in a wide range of standard dimensions, inner radius nominal widths and angles. Application-specific dimensions and custom configurations are available as well.

Advanced belt edge technology and performance-focused engineering provide numerous important benefits:

  • Modular design for easy integration into complex systems, fast setup and the ability to upgrade individual components as needed
  • Curved framework and self-supporting design
  • Bolted construction for exceptional durability
  • Guiding profiles 5X stronger than traditional belt beading
  • Capacity to run almost constantly, reducing downtime
  • Belt changes in 15 minutes vs. hours for other solutions
  • Variable mounting options for the supports, light barriers and side guides
  • Low noise level at high speeds
  • High reliability, virtually maintenance-free

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