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Parcel Conveyor Systems

Parcel and postal locations play a vital role in package handling today. Goods leaving distribution centers or e-commerce facilities are often routed through these locations on their way to their final destinations. Parcel facilities must be equipped to handle packages of many sizes and weights.

FMH Conveyors works with many customers in the parcel conveying industry. Our machines are ideal for handling a wide range of package sizes. Products are tailored to fulfillment solutions that support complex processes required for today’s fast-paced operations, including customized delivery options such as same day, time guaranteed and alternate address choices.      

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Improved Parcel Operations Efficiency

Our parcel conveyor belt and roller machines are a vital part of all post office and packaging processing systems. Used for truck loading and unloading and manual sortation applications, our conveyors help move packages from their origins to their destinations. With telescopic belt conveyors, rigid drive-out belted and roller models, rigid modular conveyors, curved belt models and flexible powered conveyors, our customers in this market are able to choose the machine that best meets their needs.

Benefits to our postal and parcel customers include:

  • Continuous loading and unloading
  • Increased throughput speed
  • Adjustable speeds
  • Ability to handle huge volumes
  • Improved manual sorting process
  • Fewer employee accidents
  • Configuration flexibility to meet space needs
  • Ability to handle large, heavy packages
  • Cost savings due to fewer workers
  • Increased process accuracy
  • Durability and reliability

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