FMH Conveyors


FMH Conveyors designs and manufactures products and services for truck loading and unloading applications. The PowerFlex (NestaFlex in US) and BestFlex brands lead the market in flexible powered and gravity conveyors, while MaxxReach and BestReach are the premier brands in telescopic and rigid belted conveyor systems. Known worldwide for their durability and reliability, FMH Conveyors’ products are engineered to support material handling applications for distribution centres, e-commerce, parcel post, retail stores and a variety of manufacturers to help maximise productivity and increase efficiency.

The European division of the material handling segment, FMH Conveyors International (Previously known as Best Conveyors), designs and manufactures a complete line of flexible gravity and powered conveyors, rigid drive-out conveyors and telescopic conveyors in the UK. Specialising in designing turnkey systems for loading and unloading trucks at distribution centres and retail stores, the BestFlex, BestReach and BestConnect brands are known throughout the world to save time and labour and to increase overall efficiency in a wide range of material handling applications.

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