Retail Stores

Retail Store Conveyor Belt and Roller Systems

Among our customers are big-box stores, department stores, large apparel retailers, dollar stores, grocery stores and supermarkets, and many more. These retailers receive regular truck shipments and FMH Conveyors offers the machines they need to unload the trucks and bring their items into the store’s backroom. While these customers typically utilize our smaller, flexible solutions, some have automated sortation systems that require our BestConnect rigid modular conveyor.

Because our equipment offers solutions to many retailers — grocery store and supermarket conveyor belts that handle heavy cartons, flexible powered conveyors that service multiple docking doors, mobile gravity conveyors with skate wheels and configurable rigid modular systems — FMH Conveyors is sure to have the right conveyor to meet any retailer’s needs. We work closely with every customer to create the optimal system for each process.

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Increased Efficiency in Truck Unloading

Our conveyors are used by some of the nation’s largest retailers. Our machines help retailers of all sizes optimize their truck loading/unloading, manual sortation and dockless receiving applications. Benefits include:

  • Time savings
  • Lower labor costs
  • Increased overall efficiency in backroom operations

FMH Conveyors was employed to help a retail clothing outlet store improve its process for unloading inventory from trucks. This particular store did not have a dock door, which made the unloading process rather time- and labor-intensive. We provided a dockless receiving solution that significantly reduced time and staffing requirements. Read the Case Study.