Application and Design Tips

We understand it can be difficult and confusing to determine which conveyor you may need for your specific application. We are here to help. Below are some basic questions and answers for our products.

BestFlex & PowerFlex Conveyors FAQS

Q: Which skatewheel do I need – steel or blue plastic?

A: The steel skatewheel provide higher durability with medium flow speed. The blue plastic skatewheel provides medium durability with a high flow speed.

Q: What axle centres are available for smaller packages?

A: We offer 127mm, 102mm and 76mm axle centres. This can be calculated by dividing the smallest package length by 3 and selecting the closest pitch. For example, a 350mm parcel divided by 3 = 117mm would require 102mm axle centres to convey reliably.

Q: How do you adjust the conveyor height on the flexible conveyors?

A: There is a bolt located on the lower part of each leg if you loosen the bolt and raise/lower accordingly and re-tighten. Repeat this across all legs to achieve the required height throughout the conveyor length.

Q: How many braked castors are on the flexible conveyors?

A: Typically, every 3rd leg will have a braked castor. Additional braked castors can be added.

Q: How are packages stopped at the end of the flexible conveyors?

A: We offer a drop-down package stop that acts as a physical stop and can be used on powered or gravity flexible conveyors. We also offer a roller/stop connector which also allows for 2 or more flexible conveyors to be linked together. On powered flexible conveyors, we can supply an electronic photocell package stop.

Q: How can I connect flexible conveyors together?

A: Conveyors can be connected via a roller/stop connector which provides a simple and safe solution for connecting conveyors together.

Q: Can the flexible conveyors (powered and gravity) be integrated with existing conveyor systems or equipment from another supplier?

A: Yes, we can supply an adapter plate that allows the conveyors to mechanically connect to existing systems. We can also interface electrically with other supplier’s equipment. Please contact the sales team for more information.

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BestReach Telescopic Conveyor

Q: What belt width do I require?

A: Belt widths can be determined by a number of factors including product size. The belt widths available are 500, 600, 700, 800 and 1000mm. Please speak to the sales team for further information.

Q: When would I need the traversing function?

A: We would fit the necessary traverse function if the telescopic conveyor is required to be used across multiple doors. There a 2 ways this can be achieved, firstly we can have an independent traverse where the boom is mounted on PU wheels, secondly we can offer floor guided traverse where guide rails are embedded in the warehouse floor. Please speak with the sales team for more information.

Q: What is the best way to allow our operators to safely load/unload trailers from floor to ceiling?

A: Our BestReach telescopic conveyors can be fitted with hydraulic tilt and a man-rider platform to raise and lower the operator to the optimal working height in the trailer.

Q: In what colours can the BestReach telescopic conveyors be painted?

A: BestReach conveyors can be painted in any RAL colour specified at the time of order.

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BestConnect Conveyors

Q: How easy is it to reconfigure the BestConnect conveyor system?

A: Our BestConnect conveyors are designed to connect together both mechanically and electrically with ease. Each module is connected by a simple lift up roller/stop connector and a harting plug. The engineering requirement is minimal.

Q: Can I attach other FMH Conveyors to the BestConnect System

A: Yes, all of our conveyors are capable of integrating with one another.