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FMH Conveyors is the leader in Conveyor Systems, including fluid truck loading and unloading solutions. We manufacture, install and service a complete range of custom-engineered and designed conveyor solutions for truck loading and unloading along with other applications for manufacturing, assembly, order fulfilment, sorting, material handling and packaging operations. Whether your operation requires a belted, skate wheel or roller conveyor, we have the conveyor system you need.

What to Expect After Deploying FMH Conveyor Systems

Faster truck loading and unloading is key to maximising efficiency in the loading dock, warehouse, factory or distribution centre. Our conveyor solutions are available for heavy packages, fragile items, cartons, sacks and tires. They’re engineered to withstand rough treatment and the demands of 24/7 operation. Putting FMH conveyor equipment to work in your facility can:

  • Cut employee absences caused by lifting, twisting and bending
  • Improve safety by keeping fork trucks out of busy areas
  • Prevent product spills and damage
  • Reduce truck and trailer loading and unloading time
  • Save on loading dock labour by reducing the amount of work involved

Best Places to Use FMH Conveyor Equipment

FMH offers various types of conveyors to suit the demands of numerous operations. Whether you’re running a production line, a loading dock, a retail store, or looking for effective warehouse solutions, there’s an FMH conveyor that will save you time and money.

Truck Loading/Unloading

A telescoping conveyor transports packages easily into the truck for efficient loading, or takes them away from the truck quickly, avoiding the need for fork trucks or other costly material handling equipment.

Retail Operations

A portable gravity conveyor moves cartons from the truck to the storage area without straining anyone’s back and with no risk of damaging fragile items such as bottles or glasses.

Packaging Lines

Feeding cartons through taping and labelling machines on powered or gravity roller conveyors eliminates manual material handling and increases productivity.

Sorting Operations

Flow mixed packages straight to the sorting crew rather than rely on sporadic delivery of pallets that need unloading.

Get the Conveyor Systems You Need

Conveyors chosen from a generic catalogue seldom work well. Take advantage of our application engineering services to get the best conveyor equipment for your operation. We’ll listen carefully before recommending a conveyor solution, and often suggest customised features that increase employee productivity. Photo eyes, self-tracking belts, accumulators and indexing functions are just a sample of what we can do.

Customisation, coupled with the flexibility of FMH, means FMH conveyor systems work well with what you already use. If you need to integrate new material handling capabilities or expand upon what’s in place today, our equipment will work in productive harmony with your existing industrial conveyor solutions.

With You for the Long Haul

We believe in developing lasting relationships with our customers, and that starts by providing quality products and services. Learn more by browsing the conveyor systems displayed here, or contact us to discuss your application with a product specialist.