The BestConnect system is designed to provide rapid assembly of conveyor solutions for changing workplaces. Systems can be easily configured and re-configured as required to suit your immediate requirements. With a simple 240v power supply and latching connections, the engineering requirement is minimal.

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Continuous Duty Multiple Drive Motors

20 to 120 Vdc geared motors. Adjustable speed is from 2 to 36 metres per minute. Start/ Stop controls at both ends.

Adjustable Height

Telescopic legs to raise or lower the conveyor height.

Square Tubing Legs

Heavy-duty square tubing legs offer longer service life and stability.

50mm Roller

Heavy-duty precision bearing rollers on 12mm axles for greater durability.

Robust fabricated side-plates

Robust fabricated 3mm thick steel.

Castors with Brakes

150mm x 50mm swivel castors. The castor brakes are great to lock wheels in place while the conveyor is in use.

Performance Options

Side Guides

Preventing the transported goods from running off the edges of the modules. Various height options and product flow assist devices are available on request.

Manual Transition Assists

Sortation operations usually involve the lateral transition of a parcel from one module to another. FMH has developed several solutions to assist this style of operation and can offer both a skate-wheel pushover a driven roller solution.

Optical Electronic Flow Control

Incorporates photo electronics to provide automated flow control giving the user improved ergonomics, reduced labour cost, and improved service life. With options of using diffuse scan, retro-reflective or through-beam sensors all product shapes and materials can be detected and controlled easily.

Zero Pressure Accumulation

Provides a zoned flow control only allowing each package to proceed when the downstream zone is empty. The addition of ‘time out’ control gives excellent power saving only driving the conveyor as required.

Electronic Package Stop

The conveyor stops when sensors at the end detect a package. This stops delicate packages from being driven into a fixed end and provides power saving control.


The leading edge of a package is detected and starts the conveyor which runs until the trailing edge is detected plus a pre-set time delay. The conveyor can be utilised as an end of line storage buffer.

Integrated Equipment

The BestConnect platform lends itself incredibly well to the additions of other operational equipment. Weigh Scales, Ball Tables and Manual Sortation (OMNI) Tables can all be easily connected into a BestConnect system. Belt Conveyor options can also be integrated through our Group Partners – should the operation require that feature.

Walkover Steps/ Access

To provide regular operations or emergency access over any style of BestConnect system, FMH offers a variety of Stepover solutions that can enhance the efficiency of a system. The 1200mm wide stairwell gives capacity for 2-way traffic whilst the upgraded handrail gives zero gaps or snags.

Standard Specs

Load Capacity

50kg capacity per linear metre (level).

Roller Diameter


Roller Widths

18 inch – 450mm

24 inch – 600mm

30 inch – 750mm

36 inch – 900mm

(Others available on request)

Standard Axle Centres





(Others available on request)

Module Lengths




(Others available on request)

Standard Castor Size

150mm x 50mm

Corner Angles




(Others available on request)

Merge Angle


(Others available on request)



24 Months

Services Available

  • Technical Support
  • Installation & Service
  • Preventive & Routine Maintenance
  • Application Support
  • Operator & Maintenance Training