Flexible Material Handling Made Easy With The BestFlex Conveyor System


One of the most critical issues affecting the package mobility process is adaptability. Retail, logistics, manufacturing, and distribution centres have become accustomed to standard boxes (and their associated warehouse solutions). However, modern material handling involves irregularly shaped packages such as poly bags and unusually shaped boxes.

Newer packaging technologies mean that the cost of making packages with unorthodox shapes will get considerably cheaper over time, resulting in far more of them in transit through various conveyor systems.

To meet this emergent challenge, it is vital to enhance the flexibility of your material handling system, and the BestFlex Conveyor Systems are perfect for the task at hand. With their ability to reform and adapt to rapidly changing conditions, you will find them useful for jobs that would otherwise demand outright, manual  movement by hand from point A to point B.

Sometimes, the Shortest Distance is a Curved Line.

When it comes to packing lines in warehouses, the usual procedure of moving packages consists of two movements: moving goods to or from each line. These two movements occur between packing and picking.

This process is not always as efficient as it could be. If the volume of packages is large enough, the pallet must be moved by a forklift to the destination itself, adding time to the process. Nevertheless, there are ways to move directly from the shelf to the vehicle.

The BestFlex Roller and BestFlex 200 gravity conveyors are designed specifically with this flexibility in mind, allowing you to bend the conveyor around corners and obstacles. Thanks to their self-tracking design, you will not have to worry about packages falling off-course due to inertia. In addition, the rollers will ensure enough friction to keep speeds low, avoiding damages from impacts.

Not all packages are made equal, and neither should be the conveyor systems designed to adapt to the needs of all kinds of industries. However, the BestFlex conveyor systems are the answer that lets gravity move your packages for you.

For Transporting Delicate Items: BestFlex Roller

One of the most common reasons for packages suffering damage during transport is a lack of adaptability in material handling. In simple terms, many of these packages are incompatible with the conveyor systems available, resulting in shaking, bouncing, or getting stuck. This damages both boxes and the contents within them.

Irregularly shaped packaging includes bags, poly bags, manufacturing components, or other loose items. The problem remains the same. You will need a flexible platform that can handle a variety of packaging shapes.

The BestFlex Roller has a capacity of 220 Kg per linear metre, ideal for low-density material handling situations like logistics and manufacturing where fragile items become a significant percentage of the total volume.

Such a flexible system does not compromise endurance, though; all-steel frames, heavy-duty box section legs, aluminium alloy side plates and 360° castors with brakes ensure maximum durability. 

If your business moves many items without solid or flat surfaces, like parcels & packages, the BestFlex Roller will serve your internal supply line as effectively as an extra pair of hands.

For Heavier Packages and Smaller Floor Space: BestFlex 200

Similar to the BestFlex Roller conveyor, the BF200 is a self-tracking gravity conveyor with the ability to expand, contract and bend with ease. Unlike the Roller conveyor, this system employs skate wheels and boasts a weight capacity of 300 Kg per linear metre.

While also enjoying the same steel construction with aluminium side plates, the skate wheels reduce the platform’s weight while maintaining structural integrity and capacity.

The adjustable legs allow it to achieve gravity flow regardless of the situation it is placed in, and the skate wheels enable it to compact significantly so you do not have to sacrifice floor space for better material handling.

In areas like assembly lines, vehicle loading/unloading operations, parcel forwarding, retail-level storage and restocking, the BestFlex 200 can manage most commercial packages from any industry.

Material Handling Capabilities for Any Scenario

Both BestFlex Roller and BF200 feature several performance options to better suit your specific needs, such as:

  • Drop-down package stops at the end of the conveyor to stop packages falling off at the end of line. This can be dropped down when not needed.
  • Side barriers complement the self-tracking features and ensure even the most voluminous packages stay on course.
  • In addition to the standard axle centre of 127mm, options of 102mm and 76mm are available on request to handle smaller packages and goods.
  • Hook connectors to link multiple BestFlex conveyor systems if a long line is needed.
  • Larger heavy-duty castors help when relocating the conveyor on uneven surfaces, or even transitioning over small steps.
  • Perpendicular legs for declining and more effortless mobility, regardless of position.

These options result in an industrial conveyor solution that can safely transfer packages through any area without relying on any external power source. In addition, all the configuration options and extensions allow you to build a perfect conveyor system that can be safely compacted once finished, making for even tidier storage areas.

Extending, compacting, and forming both simple and compound curves allows for dynamic assembly line configurations to load several shelves or pallets simultaneously, minimising vehicle loading/unloading times. 

With clever positioning, a single BestFlex conveyor can help as an assembly or loading line that simultaneously serves upwards of four different positions, loading a wide variety of products or packages to shelves for unparalleled efficiency.

Gravity will always have a 100% reliability rate. Combined with the adaptability BestFlex brings to the table, the result is a conveyor system that will let you sidestep every single obstacle in your way, no matter what you need to move.

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