Motion06 – Full Belt Merge

From 0 to 2.5 meters per second. The Motion06 Full Belted Merge brings the packages or parcelled cargos onto the track like no other. Thanks to our sophisticated design using a belt, safe and fast transportation of the parcelled cargo are ensured.

In connection with the Motion06 High-Speed Diverter, the merge can also be used to transfer packages outwardly at different angles.

FBM 112/157

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Operational Safety

High level of operational safety through the strip design.

Smooth Transfer

Closed belt surface for a smooth package transfer.

Belt Tracking Integrated

Automatic belt track fittings integrated.

Short Lengths Available

Extremely short construction lengths are possible.

Low Height Possible

Low structural height. (approximately 250mm)

Various Operations

Various operations are available as well as cyclic.

Quick Installation

Swift assembly due to a simple modular system, perfectly optimised for transportation.


Energy-efficient and economic design.

Standard Specs

Load Capacity

75Kg capacity per linear metre (level)

Belt Conveyor Widths

Up to 1,500mm

Variable Speed

Up to 2.0 m/s


30°, 45°

Others available upon request.


24 Months

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