The MaxxReach Telescopic Boom Conveyor will transport items quickly, safely and efficiently by extending directly into the trailer without the need for support. The use of this unit will reduce load/unload times significantly whilst improving operator working conditions.

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MaxxReach Telescopic Boom Conveyors are built to the highest standard with a 10mm thick main case providing one of the strongest, most robust, conveyors of its type on the market.

Boom End Lights

Two low energy powered LED units are fitted to the front of the conveyor to provide light directly in front of the loading area.

Extension Stop Bar

A spring-loaded bar is fitted to the front of the telescopic boom conveyor and it acts as a failsafe stop when the conveyor is extending. If activated, the boom conveyor will stop all functions.

Brush Strips

Brush strips are fitted between each moving stage of the conveyor to prevent debris from being drawn into the machine during retraction.

Shrouded Emergency Stop Buttons

To limit the damage to emergency stops, FMH Conveyors added fabricated steel shrouds to the exposed emergency stop buttons.

Sprocket Guards

Steel guards are mounted around each sprocket to prevent entrapment and injury by the extension mechanism.

Soft Start/Stop Extension

To improve the function and life of the BestReach telescopic boom conveyor, the extension drive system is fitted with a soft start/stop as standard.

Performance Options

Hydraulic Tilt

The outfeed height of the conveyor may be varied during use with the addition of hydraulic tilt. Twin cylinders raise and lower the front of the main case, which pivots at the rear. The tilt option is often combined with the use of the man-rider platform to improve operator ergonomics.


The addition of wheels to the BestReach Telescopic Boom Conveyor will allow the machine to be used on multiple doors. Configurations are available for both manual and powered traverse and can be used in conjunction with floor rails or PU wheels.

Operator Platform

When the operator platform is in position, it provides a stable and comfortable base from which an operator can transfer goods between the conveyor and the pick face. This is often combined with a hydraulic tilt to lift the operator and allow direct access to high pick faces.

Mobile Power Delivery

The MaxxReach Telescopic Boom Conveyor with traversing requires the addition of a mobile power delivery. This can be achieved using catenary cables, conductor rails or a retractable cable reel drum.

High Level Chassis

For applications where there is no loading dock, a high-level support frame may be used to raise the top of the belt level to suit a free-standing vehicle or container.

Raised Belt Transfer

The addition of a raised belt transfer creates a step in the top surface of the belt conveyor to allow goods to be smoothly transferred to and from an adjoining conveyor.

Standard Specs

Load Capacity

50Kg capacity per linear metre (level.)

Max Live Load



One-piece formed side pressings. Fully welded.

Belt Widths

20 inch – 500mm

24 inch – 600mm

28 inch – 700mm

32 inch – 800mm

36 inch – 900mm

40 inch – 1000mm

(Others Available Upon Request)

Conveyor Length (Contracted)

4.5m – 9.2m

Conveyor Length (Expanded)

10.5m – 29m

Extension Speed

17m / minute

Belt Drive





24 Months

Services Available

  • Technical Support
  • Installation & Service
  • Preventative & Routine Maintenance
  • Application Support
  • Operator & Maintenance Training

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