Motion06 – Flat Slat Conveyor

From 0 to 3.0 metres per second. The Motion06 Strip Belt Merge puts baggage on the right track like no other. It is exactly this construction – the design as an adjoining merge point – that can provide the fundamental advantage of operational safety. In the case of one strip being damaged, the system continues to work flawlessly. In connection with a belt deflector, the merge can also be used to transfer baggage from different angles.

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Simple Installation

Ultra-simple adjustments for required installation conditions.

Various Designs

Horizontal or sloping design.

Conveyor Casing

Casing can be steel-coated or stainless steel.

Low Maintenance

Low-maintenance friction drive

Quick Installation

Swift assembly due to a simple modular system, perfectly optimised for transportation.


Energy-efficient and economic design.

Standard Specs

Load Capacity

50Kg capacity per linear metre (level)

Conveyor Length

Up to 60m per drive

Operating Width

Up to 1,000mm

Conveyor Speed

Up to 0.5 m/s

Loading Height



24 Months

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