PowerFlex: An Effortless Flexible Conveyor System


FMH’s PowerFlex range encompasses innovative flexible conveyor systems that can be adapted to meet a wide range of operational requirements.


The PowerFlex 19 powered roller conveyor can be easily integrated into any material handling operation. With a capacity of 150Kg per linear metre and a self-tracking conveyor path, productivity within shipping, transportation and material handling can be greatly enhanced.

Moreover, drive belts can be efficiently changed to mitigate operational downtime, and continuous drive motors ensure that line speed is adjustable from 0-36 metres per minute. The conveyor also features stop/start controls at both ends of the system, making it easier for users to control the flow of materials.

As well as lateral flexibility, PowerFlex 19 also allows for easy height adjustment. Telescopic legs mean that the durable conveyor system can be raised or lowered depending on individual project needs. This means that multiple material endpoints can be serviced simultaneously, regardless of height or location within the warehouse – making this conveyor an incredible asset for modern packing, shipping, and/or material handling operations.

A Durable Warehouse Solution

The PowerFlex 19 is built with durability in mind and features heavy-duty, 50mm rollers with precision bearings on 12mm axles for increased reliability over time. As the conveyor is powered, these rollers can transport a huge range of package sizes, from small items through to large, bulky material.

Durable swivel castors mean that the PowerFlex19 can be deployed and redeployed whenever and wherever needed. Castor brakes also ensure that wheels remain fixed in place when in use, which reduces the potential for damage to items as the conveyor bed remains stable and secure.

For added strength and security, a 50mm aluminium alloy side plate comes assembled with bolts and locking nuts. This also features a ribbed design to help increase reliability.

Heavy-duty build with square tubing legs results in longer service life for the industrial conveyor system, thus lowering maintenance downtime, which saves time and money, whilst also increasing efficiency. 

An Extensive Range of Performance Options

To make the PowerFlex19 even more relevant for a variety of material handling functions, it comes with an impressive range of additional performance options. These include:

  • Optical Electric Flow Control
    This incorporates photo electronics to provide automated flow control giving the user improved ergonomics, reduced labour cost, and improved service life. With options of using diffuse scan, retro-reflective or through-beam sensors, all product shapes and materials can be detected and controlled easily.
  • Impact Loading Table
    A fabricated steel side frame is braced throughout to create an Impact Loading section to handle the increased abuse and wear normally associated with the loading point of the conveyor. Adding this item will significantly prolong the life of this area of the PowerFlex conveyor.
  • Electronic Package Stop
    The conveyor stops when sensors at the end detect a package is present. This stops delicate packages from being driven into a fixed end and provides power saving control.
  • Zero Line Pressure Accumulation
    This option provides a zoned flow control only allowing each package to proceed when the downstream zone is empty. The addition of ‘time out’ control gives excellent power saving only driving the conveyor as required.
  • Indexing
    The leading edge of a package is detected and starts the conveyor which runs until the trailing edge is detected plus a preset time delay. The conveyor can be utilised as an end of line storage buffer.
  • Axle Centres
    In addition to the standard axle centre of 127 mm, options of 102 mm and 76 mm are available on request to handle smaller packages.

These performance options (even more are listed here) result in the PowerFlex19 conveyor system being able to match any challenge it meets and to truly exceed your operational expectations.

FMH: World Class Conveyor Manufacturers

To make the PowerFlex19 conveyor system an efficient warehouse solution in your shipping, packing, or material handling operation, please get in touch with us today and speak with a technical sales engineer today.