Commercial Conveyor Systems: How to Efficiently Load Small Vehicles


When it comes to Conveyor Systems, it is common to believe they are best suited to operations with a very high volume of packages. However, industrial conveyors typically see far more use in low/medium volume material handling situations, like in postal and parcel markets.

Similar to manufacturing and distribution centre operations, the transport of parcels will demand care for packages which can often be delicate or fragile. This end of line operation sees the need for parcel deliveries using vans or small trucks to better manoeuvre through cities, and we have a perfect solution which caters for the loading and unloading of small delivery vehicles. The FMH SV Loader delivers a compact and mobile solution whether you have a dock leveller or operate on the ground.

Small Vehicles Need Smaller Conveyor Systems

When it comes to vehicle unloading or loading, the compatibility of the conveyor with the vehicle is very important. For example, small conveyors cannot reach the back of a large trailer, while a long conveyor would overextend in small vans.

A central distribution hub for a parcel carrier will undoubtedly use larger conveyor systems and vehicles. But, smaller warehouses will see more drawbacks than benefits if they employ longer conveyors as larger warehouse solutions take up valuable floor space (and in the context of smaller premises, this would be without using the full length and capability of the conveyor system).

SV Loaders enjoy high mobility thanks to their lightweight design, allowing workers to clear the area faster after vehicle unloading. In addition, the conveyor system will let operations quickly shift between docks if multiple vehicles need attention in a short space of time. 

SV Loaders also provide slope adjustments with a hand-operated hydraulic system, enabling perfect ergonomics regardless of vehicle or dock height. With Drop-Stop safety castors, our Loaders provide a secure anchor point to avoid any risk of movement or potential drops during the vehicle loading and unloading process. 


High Quality, Small Package

Effective warehouse solutions are not necessarily the same for every warehouse, let alone every industry. Each operation must be set up to accommodate a variety of material handling requirements, from small to large, and heavy to light. The robust SV Loader, although being smaller in size, can withstand the same punishment as larger conveyor systems. Many components are designed for the sole purpose of durability and reliability, effectively extending the system's lifespan.

A heavy-duty frame minimises the risk of damage from impacts during material handling. With all moving parts guarded, the risk of items or appendages being trapped in the mechanism is significantly reduced. Steel shrouds protect the emergency stop buttons which tend to be slammed rather than pressed. Thanks to the heavy-duty 200 mm castors, uneven or rough terrain do not compromise mobility.


Driven Towards Efficiency

When vehicles need to be loaded using the same loading dock or door, speed becomes essential. The SV Loader provides a perfect balance of speed and safety to maximise loading efficiency per vehicle.

The amount of operators required can be reduced with an efficient conveyor solution. One worker can take care of material handling and loading the items onto the conveyor, while the other loads the vehicle. Or vice versa for an unloading operation.

The SV Loader reduces the amount of time it takes to load and unload, reduces the manual labour element for healthier and safer operatives, and increases capacity. 

Whatever your operation is, our conveyor systems will enhance and improve your organisation’s effectiveness with payback in no time!


FMH: World Class Conveyor Manufacturers

To make the SV Loader an efficient warehouse solution in your vehicle loading and unloading operations, please get in touch with us today and speak with a specialist sales advisor.